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The Heads Up Display
The HUD (Heads-up display) contains all indicators and gauges provided by the Insim-system.

Here is an example of the HUD for a normal cruiser:

Bonus: 42€ [AABIR] LX4 - Odo: 899.9 km - Cond: 96.4% - Service: 4100.1 km 2:43 Money: 125,604€ 0 [TC] CityDriving -

Player Class (HUD #1) POLICE
InSim will show here what kind of player you are currently are, based on your name-tag. Possible values: POLICE TOW RESCUE MEDIC or DJ

Bonus Pot (HUD #2) Bonus: 4€
Displays the money being paid out next time a bonus has been achieved. Please refer to our Bonuses page for a full explanation of this system.

Multi-Display 1 (HUD #3) [AABIR] LX4 - Odo: 899.9 km - Cond: 96.4% - Service: 4100.1 km
This multi-display has multiple states, depending on the particular situation which could be general stats regarding your car, or live information regarding pursuits.

Idle Countdown
If the server is occupied with more than 33 connections, our idle system will kick in, which means if you are AFK for a certain amount of time, you will automatically get kicked once the idle countdown finishes. You can view this display which will show how long you have left before the kick is activated. You can find a more detailed explanation on our Idle Kick page.
Example: - Idle kicked in 13:44 -
Spectator Mode
When you have not got a vehicle on track, your HUD 3 will simply display the vehicles which you own in your garages.
Example: UF1 FXO FZ5 XRT XFR
Busted Timer
When you are surrounded by police officer(s), you will have 5 seconds to escape before you have been classed as 'busted'. The timer simply counts down from 5 seconds and is viewable by both you and the pursuit officers.
Example: - BUSTED IN 5 -, - BUSTED IN 4 -, - BUSTED IN 3 - etc.
Default Display
This display is shown to all users, showing vital information about the vehicle they are currently driving.
Example: [AABIR] LX4 - Odo: 899.9 km - Cond: 96.4% - Service: 4100.1 km
Pursuit Timer
Provides a visual display to all cops involved in a pursuit, of the length of time the chase has been running for and the time the cop themselves have been involved in the pursuit.
Example: [Sus: 0:19 / 0.4km] - [You: 0:21 / 0.4km]
Backup Request
Alerts users playing as Cops of other pursuits in progress which require backup. Name - Vehicle - Distance Away - Timer for Backup
Example: BACKUP: Generic User [RB4] [564m] [28 secs]

Pit-timer (HUD #4) 5:00
This timer indicates the period you cannot (Shift + P) without receiving a charge of €500. If you happen to pit (Shift + P) within the time still counting down, you will be charged €500. You will receive a visual warning within the LFS chat for your first offense. Your countdown timer will appear in the HUD (#4) as 2:42, 2:41, 2:40 etc. After 5 minutes has passed, this box will then change to Free Pit.

WARNING: Pitting outside of a Safe Zone will result in your current trip mileage being reset, this cannot be restored.

Money (HUD #5) Money: 7,723 € +4
Money display: Shows your current account balance + the income of the last 5 seconds. Example: Money: 7,723 € +4

[TC] Banner (HUD #6) [TC] CityDriving -
[TC]’s internet URL. This one will also show various Shoutcast radio information if radio-stream is running.

Website Address: [TC] CityDriving -
Radio Online: [TC] CityDriving Radio - With Generic User
Teamspeak Info (Alternating): [TC] Teamspeak online with 12 users and then Join now:

Multi-Display 2 (HUD #7) STANDBY: Law Enforcement Assist System v1.0
This multi-display has multiple states, depending on the particular situation:

Backup Call: Join: Generic User [2 Cops] - Snake Pass - [DST: 192] - [▲] - Displays the suspect, their location and the distance between you.

Locater Unit: Generic User - [137kph / 85mph] - [Hillside Road] - [117m] - [▲] - Displays a user you are locating, their current speed, position and distance between you.

Trip Computer: Speed: 100mph/162kph Time: 17:05 DST: 760m Avg: 71mph/115kph - Displays your current speed, time your trip computer has been analyzing your speed, the total distance and your average speed.

Cop Tracking Unit: TRACKING: Generic User 133kph/82mph - Displays a normal road user in front of a police vehicle, showing their username, current speed and a dot to indicate their speed which relates to the fine you may issue the user with.

A green dot indicates the tracked vehicle is not speeding in this area. In this case, the user may not be chased for speeding.
A Yellow dot indicates the tracker vehicle is within the 10% speed leeway. The vehicle may be stopped, however no fine can be issued.
A red dot indicates the tracked vehicle is speeding enough to be fined for a minor speeding offense.
●● ●●● ●●●● Two to four red dots indicates the tracker vehicle is speeding excessively. A fine may be issued for major speeding.

Pursuit Information: CHASE: Generic User [XFG] [2 cops] - Simply displays current information regarding the status of your pursuit.

Radar-warner (Optional Upgrade) (HUD #8)
Civilians can buy a gadget called the radar detector/warner, which informs the player when a police speedtrap is nearby. It costs €5,000 and can be bought using the "!buyradar" command. If you have not purchased a radar detector, your HUD 8 will simply show No radar. The radar detector has its own dedicated bubble, located on the top right corner of the screen, immediately below the trip/odometer. The following text indicates the state of the radar detector:
Stand-By - there are no speed traps near to you. + WARN + - a speedtrap has been detected nearby. + RADAR + - a speedtrap has been set within a close range.

Users can request assistance in case of emergencies such as being involved in an accident, reporting dangerous drivers to police etc. To call for assistance, press the ☎ SOS ☎ button in the top right of your screen. You will then have a menu which displays your options:

Emergency service, how can we help you?

Request tow /no danger
Request tow /with danger
Report danger on the road

Report dangerous driver(s)
Report drifter(s)
Other / Call police

- Cancel -

If you change your mind, you may simply cancel you call ☎ Cancel ☎, which will alert all units responding that you no longer need assistance.

Yellow dots refer to TOW units being alerted.
Cyan dots refer to POLICE units being alerted (Unless in a pursuit).
Red dots refer to MEDIC and RESCUE units being alerted.
Location & Speed Limit
This shows your current location and the current speed-limit. It will also indicate whether you’re in a Safe-Zone. The "H4" shown in the diagram below represents the "area" you are in, our Insim uses these as coordinates.

H4 Devils Corner 75mph - 120kph or Safe Zone 2

Trip / Odometer
Shows your current trip or odometer. This odometer shows the distance you have been driving overall on [TC] servers. Do not confuse with the car’s odometer displayed in HUD#3. Toggle between modes with !trip / !odo command. The current mode is indicated with a “T” for trip or “O” for odometer. T: 034.0km (Trip) or O: 00568.0km (Odometer). When your vehicle is within a Safe Zone, your trip meter will turn green. Example: T: 034.0km, you can safely pit (Shift + P) without loosing your current trip mileage.
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