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Highways Agency
Within [TC] CityDriving, you may spot on the rare occasion our Highways Agency Traffic Officers. [TC] Members have set up this role to keep your driving experience as smooth as possible. Where delays occur, planned or otherwise, we want to get you the information you need as quickly and easily as possible, to help you make informed decisions about your travel plans.
Highways Agency Traffic Officers
Highways Agency Traffic Officers patrol the motorway network using high-visibility patrol vehicles. All of the vehicles are liveried with yellow and black battenburg markings and have the benefit of blue and amber LED lights. All of the latest vehicles are fitted with pulsing headlights, bull horn & sirens to assist with progressing through stationary traffic on approach to an incident.

The main role of our Highways Agency Traffic Officers is securing the scene and traffic control at incidents and announcing live layout edits, such as roadworks or diversions. We ask that you comply with the officers to keep traffic running as smoothly as possible. Officers also have the ability to close roads for any reason at any time. Keep an eye on the public chat for traffic information!
Being pulled over by a HwA Vehicle
Highways Agency Traffic Officers have powers to stop vehicles on all Highways and side roads. If a Highways Agency vehicle wants to stop your vehicle on safety grounds they will, where possible, attract your attention by:

Flashing amber lights and an audible siren, usually from behind, indicate that you must pull over to the side and abide with instructions from the officer. It is an offence not to comply with their directions.

If you find yourself being pulled over by a HwA vehicle, you must remain calm and act in the same way you would if it was any other police unit. Officers can still be identified by their [HwA] tag in their name, such as [TC]â–ºOfficerâ—„[HwA].
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