Manual - Pitlane

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General behavior in Pitlane
(Excerpt from the Rules)
Drive sensibly and predictably in pit-lane.
''Do not do doughnuts, burnouts, drifts or other stunts.''
Do not block the pit-lane, do not park on the driving path.
Do not drive over the stopping zones.
You may crash into players leaving their garages. Use the driving-lane instead.
Do not drive or park in other people's garages.
You might block their spawn point.
One-way pit-lanes
Some pit-lanes are one way (see section 8). Please note that this includes the connecting roads.

Coming for a Pitstop
Proper behaviour when coming for a pit-stop:
Avoid going over other stopping-zones, stay in the fast lane as long as possible
Stop the car as far away from the garages as possible. Half of the car in the painted zone is sufficient to get the pit-crew start working. That makes it easier for spawning cars to pass you and leave the pits.
When finished, avoid going over other stopping-zones again. Try to enter the fast lane as soon as possible

Leaving the Garage
Some tracks have on-way pit-lanes. The allowed direction is shown on the screen when you enter the track.
Example: ► PIT-EXIT ►
Proper behaviour when leaving garages:
Head directly for the fast lane while avoiding crossing other stopping-zones.
Look out for traffic in the fast-lane. They have the right of way.

Wrong-way spec
As mentioned above, some pit-lane are one-way. Insim will detect whether you're moving in the correct direction or not and will send you to spectator-mode if you go wrong way. Which means you'll lose your trip, so be careful.

Note: Insim will allow a leeway of 15 degrees in the wrong direction to make it easier to leave the garage under certain circumstances. Also, moving slower will make Insim generally act a bit more tolerant on this matter.
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