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Quickstart Your [TC] Experience
This is a little quick-start tutorial for those who are eager to get playing in our servers!
What is [TC] CityDriving?
Unlike many other cruise servers on LFS, [TC] CityDriving is focused upon a cops 'n' robbers style gameplay, so obviously the major roles to play are either a cop or robber/civilian.

New or returning to [TC] CityDriving?
All accounts on [TC] CityDriving had been reset on 1st January 2012. This means every player started as if all was new. Well, except for some statistical numbers, like total gaming time and total driven mileage. Those have been preserved for various reasons. You start with 3 free garages and 10,000€ to use at your own will. The first thing you need to get started is some wheels! The basic gist of it is, the more you drive, the more money you earn, the better car you can purchase.

Your First Car
You can either start with a new or used car. New cars are available via the Home-Menu and used cars can be found on the Auto Market. Purchasing a used car is probably the best option to get you up and running.
Go to our Auto Market and choose a car you like and can afford.
Note down its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and head back into our servers on LFS.
Purchase your chosen car using the !buy command followed by the VIN of your chosen vehicle. Example !buy AAVSF
So, you're basically good to go, but wait...

Our Server Rules
The rules can be found here. Read at least sections 1 and 2, this is for your own safety. Not knowing the rules can get you into serious trouble, so make sure you're at least familiar with the most important ones. However, it is suggested you read the whole document and print if needed for quick reference.

Cruise & Earn Money!
Now you've been briefed about our servers, why not connect, start driving and make some money!

Get Connected
Our forums are here, buzzing with hot topics, debates and polls! Sign up now and be part of our community. Got a headset? Why not try out our TeamSpeak Server. Communicate real time with fellow players! Whether you're a cop discussing tactics or a civilian just up for a chat, TeamSpeak is the place to be! Our address is

Want to know more?
When you have got yourself familiar to our game-play, maybe it's time to try something new! Be a tow for instance or if you want to be cop, check out our Cop Guide!
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