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Undercover Police
Within [TC] CityDriving, you experience the day to day life of the road, encountering many situations which involve police. [TC] Members have setup an elite unit called the Tactical Vehicle Crime Unit [TVCU]. The [TVCU] is a group of highly trained individual drivers who operate in high powered undercover cars equipped with the latest crime busting technology.
Tactical Vehicle Crime Unit
The [TVCU] is a special unit only available for use by [TC] Members. We drive in high powered plain cars which are not easily identifiable as a police traffic car. We carry the tag [VCU] (Vehicle Crime Unit) within our name so you can still identify us if you happen to get pulled over. We look for criminals using our road network within the servers to commit crime, not just road crime but anti social and violent crime.
We mainly use high performance Skodas, Volvos, Audi's and Vauxhall's to patrol our network. We do have all the necessary emergency equipment within the vehicle such as blue strobe lights, headlamp flash, sirens and matrix message boards.
Being pulled over by a TVCU Vehicle
If you find yourself being pulled over by a TVCU vehicle, you must remain calm and act in the same way you would if it was any other police unit. Officers can still be identified by their [VCU] tag in their name, such as [TC]â–ºOfficerâ—„[VCU].
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