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Cars on [TC] servers are unique objects which can be bought, traded between players and sold to the automated dealer. They also age and wear and, at some point, break down and must be replaced. Cars do roughly last for about 20,000km.
Cars can only be parked in virtual garages. For every car you own, you must also own a garage. When you start playing on TC, you are given 3 free garages but you may buy up to a maximum of 20 garages. Additional garages can be bought via the Home-menu. They will cost you 10,000€ each.
Relevant car data
When driving, HUD#3 will show all relevant car data at the top of the screen. Example: [AABIR] LX4 - Odo: 899.9 km - Cond: 96.4% - Service: 4100.1 km
1. VIN
That's the main identifier for your car. Everything regarding the car is linked to this code.
2. Car Type
3. Odometer
How many kms has this vehicle travelled so far.
4. Condition
Shows the age of the car. 100% equals new, 0% equals junk. When reached 0%, the car will be taken to the junk-yard, you can not drive it any longer further then. Of course, one of your garages will bee freed then too.
5. Service
Time when next service should be performed. If you're late on service, the condition-number will decrease faster, hence your car will last shorter.

Primary car
The car-system allows you to own the same type of car multiple times. In fact, if you wish, you could fill up all your garages with UF1s. However, if you drive on the track, Insim does need to know what particular car you are using. For that reason, you can set one car per type as your primary car. This is done via the Garage-menu in the Home-menu. Select the car you wish as primary and then click on "Select as primary xxx". Primary cars will be shown with a yellow asterisk behind them in the garage-list. Example 7: [3] [AABLX] RAC 3,223 Km 78.8% *
There are a whole range of vehicles you may purchase, all of different price and class. Listed below is a short description of each model, with a few statistics to whet your appetite. You may own more than one of each vehicle type, in situations where you wish to 'prolong' one of the vehicles, you may set another one as the 'Primary' vehicle so you always drive the 'primary' type when leaving the pits.

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