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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Introduction
As a new player, you may have a load of questions. On this page, you will hopefully find your answer. If you haven't, please ask somebody on the server. You could also ask your question(s) on the forum.

A lot of your questions will also be answered by looking at the various manual pages.

The Questions & Answers:
Q: How do I buy a car?
A: You need to use !buy (car name/VIN). If you want to buy a new car, type !buy (car name). If you want to buy a used car, head to the market, find a vin and type !buy (VIN).

Q: How do I make money?
A: Please refer to the income page of the manual here.

Q: Are there any jobs? How do I become a cop?
A: There are no jobs, but there are roles. We have a few official roles. They are: Police | Tow | Medic/Rescue

Q: How do I see a list of admins?
A: There is no command to see a list of admins. However, admins can be seen wearing a [TC] tag. For example, [TC]â–¶Memberâ—€. Admins can also be seen by going here then by clicking "[TC] Members".

Q: How do I become an admin/[TC] member?
A: We usually hold a recruitment every Summer where people can apply to become a TC member. There will be an announcement on the forum when this happens, including a list of requirements that you need to meet in order to apply.

Q: When does the track change?
A: The track changes every week. You can view the rotation schedule here.

Q: Someone broke the rules. How do I report them?
A: Please take a look at the Reporting Rule-Breakers and getting Help section of the server rules.

Q: Why does it say "host refused connection"?
A: This means you are banned from the server. Please look here for more information.

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