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The Home Menu
The home menu is accessible in any Safe Zone in the servers (please refer to our Server Maps for reference). The Home Menu allows access to "Car Dealer" | "Garage" | "Current Car".

You will see ▼ HOME ▼ appear in the top right of your screen below your odometer, this is the access button to your Home Menu.

Car Dealer
"Car Dealer" will allow you access to our showroom of cars available for you to purchase. Always remember though you can visit our AutoMarket to grab yourself a second hard bargain! Instructions on the use of the AutoMarket can be also found on that webpage.

"Garages" will give you an overview of the contents of your garages. There is a maximum possible 20 garages you can purchase, each at the price of €10,000 each. You are not limited to one car type either, you may purchase multiple FXO's (for example). Details of each vehicle is shown as followed: [Class Type], [Vin Number], Car Model, Current Mileage and Vehicle Condition %.

Current Car
"Current Car" gives you a more detailed overview about your vehicle you are driving. It is all self explanatory. "Service Car" will carry out a service on your car, doing this will prolong the lifetime of your vehicle. "Set as primary xxx": This is useful when you own multiple's of a vehicle. Setting a vehicle as a primary car will be driven whenever you drive out of pits in your vehicle, therefore it will be your "primary" car which will have its stats affected. Changing your other vehicle to the "primary" type, will then affect stats of the new primary car.
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