Manual - Idle Kick

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Idle Kick System
The idle-kick is a mechanism to keep the server free of idling players to enable people waiting outside to join. This system is automatically activated when 33 or more players are in the servers.

Idle times
If your car is not moving, the idle-timer starts counting down. The maximum amount of time you have before getting kicked depends on your current trip. The higher your trip-distance, the more time you will be allowed to go idle.

Upto 50km will allow you 10 minutes of idle time.
Upto 100km will allow you 15 minutes of idle time.
Upto 200km will allow you 30 minutes of idle time.
Above 200km will allow you 1 hour of idle time.

Insim will also show how much time you currently have left in HUD#3.
Example: - Idle kicked in 13:44 -

Kick Warning
For the last 100 seconds, Insim will warn you every 10 seconds with the following message:
Idle warning. You will be kicked soon.

This mechanism is deactivated if there are less than 25 players on the server.
[TC] members, administrators and DJs are immune to idle kicks.
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