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There are several ways to make money on our servers. Our InSim currency works on Euros (€). Simply put: The more money you earn and save, the more advance you can become.
Income by Driving
All you have to do to earn money is driving. Different cars earn you different amounts of money. The system we have offers to you to earn a certain amount of money every five seconds depending on the speed at which you are travelling and the type of car. The UF1, XFG and XRG earn +4 every 5 seconds if you are driving within the local speed-limit. The LX4, RB4, FXO, XRT earn +3, LX6, RAC & FZ5 earn +2 and the MRT, UFR & XFR earn +1. This might seem lovely but beware: If you drive too slowly, you will earn less and if you go over the limit, your earnings will reduce and you will start to lose money when you exceed the speed limit by around 30%.
Another source of money are bonuses; to reward those who do longer trips. You get max. 1€ per 5 seconds extra, depending on how close you go at the speed limit. Similar to the income by driving, but the car type does not matter here. Also, the bonus money is not paid out instantly; it's been collected in a pot. The current pot content will be shown in HUD#2. Example: Bonus: 65€ You will see the pot increase as you drive, and again, as closer you go at the speed limit, the faster it will increase.
The payouts will occur at fixed trip distances (10,20,30,40,50,75,100,150,...,1,000km). A certain part of the pot will be ''doubled and taken over'' into the next pot over and over again. For instance, from that 65€ example above, 65€ will be paid out, but for instance, 13€ will be doubled and taken onto the next pot. So, the next time it starts counting from 26€. This amount will raise from time to time. So, doing longer trips will pay out.
Hint: By increasing intake restriction to your car, you will obtain 1%–50% on top of the standard earning from driving. This means that driving a UF1 car with the intake restriction of 50%, one will obtain 6 € every 5 seconds.

Voluntary Payments
Getting money for providing a tow service is the most common occurrence of that kind. People usually pay between 50-100€ per service depending on the complexity and quality.

Police officers may issue fixed penalty fines to players who break the laws. Cops definitely can earn a fortune here by issuing fines. Possible fines are listed on our fines list.
Note: Be advised that you will automatically be banned when your account balance is at -5,000 €. This is to prevent system abuse. You may be granted an account unban upon request, however, you may not receive another chance if your account falls to -5000€ on another occasion.
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