Manual - Licenses

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TC's license system was introduced to link certain game functionality to licenses. Only a license holder can access certain functionality in-game.

The license system is very extensible and also covers less important licenses like DJ. Some of the licences don't even have any game-funcionality at all, they rather just exist to link badges to them e.g the Gumball-badges or Team-badges.

Playing certain roles on TC requires you to own a particular license e.g if you wanted to play as COP, you'd need to own a valid COP-license.

Currently, the following 3 roles require a valid license:

In these cases, the licenses basically prove that you are qualified for the role and have the knowledge that is necessary to play it. To obtain either of these licenses, a written test must be taken. These licenses also have a limited validity (usually 1 year). After that, the license lapses and a new test must be taken. This is to keep everyone's knowledge on a high level.

Possible future use
Since the system is very open the possible scenarios are possible:
Directly buyable licenses that enable new functionality
System-granted licenses that enable new functionality, ie as a bonus
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