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The locator is a buyable device to find users on the map. It helps finding persons or locations. The locator exists of 2 parts:

1. HUD display
2. Target indicator

Main usage is, when civilian, continuously locating a friend, so you never get lost. Or when responding to a SOS-call (COP/TOW/MED/RES), finding the caller or location of the call.

You can buy the locator with !buylocator. The price is 10,000€. The locator will stay forever and is available in all cars after purchase.

HUD Display
When active, it will show a text in the HUD like this:

It shows the user you are locating, their current speed, position and distance between you.

Target indicator
The target indicator is shown directly in your view. Showing where the target is, in the line of sight.

The locator is activated by !locate <username>. There is no immediate check for usernames. You can basically enter everything there, as soon a player with that name appears on the server, it will start working.

The locator is deactivated by issuing a blank username. !locate

Special mode when responding to a SOS-call
When responding to a SOS-call, the user set by !locate is temporarily ignored. During that time, the HUD display won't show anything, since the call related information is already shown in HUD#3. Furthermore, the target-indicator will point to the origin of the call. It will automatically activate, even when the locator was turned off before.

The located user is saved. If you re-join the game, it will automatically restore the last user you set.
The locator is inactive for cops during a chase.
The HUD display will sometimes not show up when there is more important information to show. I.e. when being chased.
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