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Safe Zones
Safe zones are important for 3 reasons:
You can pit/spec there without losing your trip (see bonus system)
You can pit/spec there without being pit-fined (see bottom)
You can access the Home-Menu

The primary safe-zone is usually the active pit-lane. TC tracks do usually offer 2, sometimes 3 safe-zones.
Safe-zones are indicated in the location-bar as Safe Zone

Note: Please be careful when moving close to the end/side of a Safe-Zone, ie pit-wall. Insim may sometimes falsely assume you're outside.

Pit fines
Pit fines were introduced to encourage players to drive more responsibly, crash less and drive back to pits instead of using Shift + P. If you leave the track outside a safe-zone, you will be fined a €500 tow charge. Nevertheless, you're allowed to leave the track wherever you want once time every 5 minutes. The pit-timer (shown display at the top) will start counting down from 5:00 when you leave pits. Once it reached zero, it will show Free Pit. That means you can leave without getting fined.

Note: You won't get fined when leaving the server. You also don't need to drive back to pits to leave (unlike other cruise-servers). Leaving the server will never be fined or otherwise punished.

WARNING: Users constantly disconnecting and reconnecting to the servers to avoid the pit fine, will be dealt with accordingly.

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