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Written tests are required to obtain particular licenses.
A test consists of a number of multiple-choice questions. The questions are randomly selected from a question catalogue in a random order, so every test looks different.

Be prepared! The test are not easy. The questions widely cover the particular sections in the Rules and knowledge from the particular guides in this manual.

All test related functions can be accessed via the Home-Menu.
It allows you to:

Sign-up for a test
Review your test-code to start a test
Check how long your license is good for
Check how long you're suspended from taking another test in case you've failed before

Example output:

The test-procdure
1. Sign-up for test via the Home-Menu

2. Once you click OK, you'd be given a unique test-code to take the test. Either copy the entire URL or just the code.

In case that was too fast, you can always review your code in the license-menu where you've signed up.

3. Access the test form at

4. Take the test. Once you've started the test, it must be finished in one go. You cannot close the browser and continue another time.
-Some questions have multiple correct answers.
-Every question has at least one correct answer.

5. Once you've finished, you'll instantly be given the result, whether you've passed or not.

If you've passed

Your license will be granted within 10 minutes automatically. Depending on the license, a badge will added to your profile page that shows your license public.

Example badge:

If you've failed

Note the yellow mark: It shows you where your mistakes were and on which subjects you should focus your training on.

You will need to re-take the test at another time. You will also be suspended from taking that test again for a certain time.

If the test was for a COP-license: 7 days suspension
If the test was for a TOW/MED/RES-license: 1 days suspension

The suspension time was made to demonstrate the seriousness of the matter and to give you time to study the rules and guides before having another go, rather than just blowing the money away and take the chances.

For the time being, the Home-Menu will show this if you try to sign-up for another test:
That means you'll have to wait that time before you can sign-up for that particular test again. However, you can still take other tests.

The scoring
The scoring goes as follows:
You'll be given a question and a set of possible answers.
Check all correct answers
One answer is always correct
It is possible that more, even all, answers are correct. All must be checked then.
If you fail to give all correct answers, the question is counted as answered wrong, no matter how many mistakes you actually made.
All wrong answered questions will be counted.
The current tests allow 4 questions to be answered wrong to pass the test. 5 or above, you've failed.

Important notes
-Don't cheat or try to.
-Do not copy any contents from the tests (that includes quoting).
-Don't ask others for the answers.
-If someone asks you which answer is correct, don't answer. Help them to find the necessary information in the rules or guides instead.

However, it is allowed to talk about questions loosely without referring to a particular question or answer.

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