Manual - Trading Cars

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There basically exist 3 different ways to trade cars.
1. Buying a new car
Buying a new car is done easily at the Car-dealer within the Home-Menu.

2. Direct trade between players
In this case everything is done in absolute discretion between the players on the server. The seller sends the car directly in-game via the Home-Menu, the buyer will send the money via the !send command.

Hint: You can quick-check all relevant car data of any car by using the !carinfo <vin>-command.

3. In-direct trade via the automated Car-Dealer
You can sell any of your cars directly to the Car-Dealer buy using the functions in the Home-Menu.
All cars available at the Car-Dealer are listed on the [TC] AutoMarket which is actually a website located here: All the cars listed there are cars that have been actually owned by other TC players. Click on any of the cars to see relevant information. To buy it, write to the VIN of the car you wish to buy and go back into LFS. If you got enough money and a free garage, you can buy that car by using the !buy <vin> command. Example: !buy aablx. A confirmation window will come up and if you confirm, the transaction is complete.

Buying a used car is usually much cheaper than buying a new one. When buying from the AutoMarket, there is a guaranteed saving of 10%!
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