Manual - Traffic Lights

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The traffic light pattern follows that of the European system.
Stop, you must not enter the junction.
The traffic light is about to show green.
Entering the junction is not yet allowed.
You are allowed enter the junction, if it's clear. This is not a right, rather a permission.
If you turn left (on RHD maps) or turn right (on LHD maps) you must give way to oncoming cars.
Sirens always have priority!
If a chase comes through, always expect more cars to follow. Make sure all cops have passed the junction.
The traffic light is about to show red.
You are permitted to enter the junction if it's not safe to stop. Otherwise you must stop.
No meaning.
This light however may be used at certain times.
General caution sign.
Follow normal right of way.

Related obligations which may result in fines
Don't block the junction
Use the designated turning lanes

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