TCLights v2.0


  • Multiplayer friendly flashing pattern using headlights (3 key)
  • Uses LFS built-in slow (wail) and fast (yelp) sirens
  • Also supports Horn4 (bullhorn) & Horn5 (piercer)
  • All siren/horn functions are operated by a single button
  • Thanks to the new features in LFS 0.6N, TCLights cannot interfere with text input!

Download & Installation

Download TC Lights v2.0

Unzip TCLights.exe to your LFS folder

Updated Siren Pack

Optionally, but highly recommended:

Download our siren pack, designed for TCLights v2

See the Downloads page for alternatives.

How to Use

Siren key: PageUp
Lights key: PageDown


Flashing lights are toggled on and off by pressing the Lights key.


Sirens have multiple modes.
These are triggered by combinations of the following presses of the siren key:

  • Tap (short press): A normal press of the button.
  • Long press: Press the button for more than ~200ms.
  • Hold: Press and hold the button.
  • Double-tap: Two short presses of the key close together.
  • Double (tap then long press): A tap followed by a long press close together.
Siren Modes

Tap to turn siren on.
Double-tap to turn siren off.

When siren is on:

  • Tap to switch between slow (wail) and fast (yelp) sirens.
  • Hold to sound horn4 (bullhorn). It will turn off when you let go of the button.
  • Double (short -> long) to turn on horn5 (piercer).
    • Tap to switch back to a normal siren
    • The piercer will be automatically disabled after 5 seconds

When siren is off:

  • Hold to sound the standard horn

Questions? Bugs?

Post your comments on the TCLights v2 forum thread.

This program is designed for LFS 0.6N.
It will not work properly with earlier versions (Use TCLights v0.6 instead)

Written by Degats